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New Service Layout
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Preliminary electrical site plan drawings are to be submitted when this form is submitted to Lakeland Power. Electrical drawings are to be submitted to Lakeland Power for approval prior to any related job tenders or the commencement of any electrical construction. The drawings shall be drawn to a scale usable by Lakeland Power, shall show local pole locations, proposed transformer location, proposed electrical room/metering location and show how access to the metering would be gained (i.e.: the path to the metering).

Site Visit Requested

By submitting this form the applicant acknowledges that the information filled out on this form is accurate and agrees to the terms and conditions listed below.

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Terms and Conditions

1. Conditions of Service

1.1. All service requests are subject to Lakeland Power’s (LLP) latest revision of Conditions of Service asposted on

2. Service Request Process

2.1. Determine the scope of work in detail.
2.2. Complete a service request form in full (see page 1) and submit to
2.3. Receive an offer to connect layout which specifies Lakeland Power’s requirements and associated charges for the proposed scope of work.
2.4. Make applicable payments to Lakeland Power at the Bracebridge or Huntsville offices.
2.5. Call LLP engineering department at 705-645-2670 to schedule the work detailed on the offer to connect layout.

3. Service Reconnection Process

3.1. A copy of the passed Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) inspection to be submitted by ESA to LLP.
3.2. Contact Lakeland Power front office at 705-645-2670 to request reconnection.
3.3. LLP will dispatch a crew to reconnect the service as soon as possible. Reconnect time will vary depending other jobs scheduled for the day and emergency calls ongoing.
Note: Notification that a service is ready and authorized to reconnect, by both ESA and the customer or electrician, must be received no later than 3:00PM. Reconnects later than 3:00PM may not be reconnected until the following day, or the applicant will be subject to after-hours overtime charges.

Revised 05/16/2022 Lakeland Power Distribution Ltd.