Financial Assistance Programs

There’s Help for Low-Income Households.

If you are having difficulties paying your electricity bill, there are local and provincial assistance programs which you may be eligible for.

Low-income Energy Assistance Program

If you’re behind on your electricity or natural gas bill and face having your service disconnected, you may qualify for emergency financial help through the Low-income Energy Assistance Program (LEAP). There are also customer service rules available that are specific to low-income households. You need to meet certain criteria to qualify for these programs. To learn more, or see if you qualify, visit the link below.

Temporary changes to LEAP

Effective February 27, 2023 – Through 2023, the OEB will provide ongoing flexibility in relation to eligibility criteria for the Low-income Energy Assistance Program – Emergency Financial Assistance (LEAP EFA). Specifically:

  • To be eligible for LEAP EFA, the applicant still needs to be in arrears but does not need to be in threat of disconnection or have been disconnected, and
  • The limitation on receiving LEAP EFA only once per year is waived, but the total amount received by a household may not exceed the maximum grant amount for the year.

Ontario Electricity Support Program

If you are a customer of Lakeland Power and in a lower-income home, you may qualify for a reduction on your electricity bill. The OESP will reduce the cost of your household electricity by applying a monthly credit directly to your bill. The credit amount will depend on how many people live in your home and your combined household income.

For more information about these programs, please visit

Connect with these community agencies that may be able to provide assistance.

  • Ontario Works – Bracebridge & Huntsville: 705-645-2412 ext 363
  • District Housing Burk’s Fall including Parry Sound: 705-386-2358
  • ODSP (Disability): 705-645-8718 or 1-800-665-9718
  • Salvation Army Huntsville: 705-789-3398
  • Salvation Army Bracebridge: 705-645-2602