West Parry Sound Health Centre

Retrofit Cheque Presentation

August 2016

West Parry Sound Health Centre

Retrofit – Lighting Conversions

Save on Energy conservation programs are designed to assist homeowners and businesses from the smallest retail stores to the largest industrial complexes to use energy more efficiently. The programs are supported through the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) and offered by Lakeland Power Distribution Limited.

Save on Energy programs include energy-saving initiatives that cost-effectively reduce energy use in Ontario, while providing customers with a wide range of opportunities and tools to help them better understand and manage their overall energy use. Programs include the Heating and Cooling program which provides rebates for energy-efficient furnaces and air conditioners as well as Retrofit programs that provide incentives to businesses to upgrade to more efficient lighting systems and machinery.

Ontario’s Conservation First Framework guides Ontario’s conservation efforts.

As part of the Framework, customers across Ontario will see innovative and cost-effective electricity conservation programs offered to homes, businesses and industries.

Eligible Incentive: $ 14,899.38
kWh Reduction: 186,939.00 kWh