Retrofit Cheque Presentation

February 1, 2017

Uponor Infra Limited

Retrofit Custom Non-Lighting – Chiller Replacement

37 Centre Street, Huntsville

Chris Litschko – Chief Executive Officer – Lakeland Power

Henri Laperriere – Plant Manager – Uponor Infra Limited

Joe Grasso – Process Engineer – Uponor Infra Limited

In an effort to reduce energy consumption and decrease operating and maintenance costs, Uponor Infra Limited in Huntsville replaced one old chiller with an energy-efficient chiller. This project is predicted to reduce consumption annually by 712,079.00 kWh.

Eligible Incentive: $ 108,367.26 + HST
(total $122,455.00)
kWh Reduction: 712,079.00 kWh