Town of Bracebridge – Sportsplex

Retrofit Cheque Presentation

October 17, 2018

Town of Bracebridge – Sportsplex

Lighting Retrofit

Two projects at the Bracebridge Sportsplex have brightened up the facility. The new LED lighting welcomes visitors to the Sportsplex, illuminates the gymnasts, and saves energy at the same time. The entrance, lobby and auditorium received new lighting, as well as the offices. The second project tackled the Limberette’s gymnastics floor area, as well as the walking track on the upper floor. Both projects were eligible for the Save on Energy Retrofit program incentives, offered through Lakeland Power. The two projects together will see over 190,000 kWh savings annually. That’s the total annual consumption of 19 average homes in Ontario.

Eligible Incentive: $ 14,232.35
kWh Reduction: 190,890 kWh