Greavette’s Chevrolet

Retrofit Cheque Presentation

March 8, 2019

Greavette’s Chevrolet

Exterior Lighting Retrofit

Greavette’s Chevrolet in Bracebridge has a brighter exterior lot, thanks to new energy-efficient LED lighting installed last November. Lakeland Power helped Greavette’s submit an application to the Save on Energy Retrofit program prior to the installation. The application was approved, and Lakeland was pleased to present the dealership with an incentive cheque to help with the project costs. In addition to the incentive, Greavette’s will see annual savings of almost 89,000 kWh from this project, translating to savings every month on their electricity bill.

Eligible Incentive: $7,975 + HST
kWh Reduction: 88,914.00 kWh