Town of Huntsville Summit Centre

Retrofit Cheque Presentation

April 13, 2018

Town of Huntsville Summit Centre

Lighting Retrofit

The Huntsville Summit Centre has brighter lights for hockey and lacrosse games, lower lighting for day camp, and the ability to adjust every light individually. This new lighting system started with a plan to reduce electricity consumption and lower costs by converting the metal halide rink lights to LED. Working with Lakeland Power, the Town of Huntsville submitted a Save on Energy application and received an incentive of $6,120.00, based on predicted energy savings of almost 90,000 kWh. The 50 new LED lights use 1/3 of the energy of the old lights, and shine a little brighter on the local teams.

Eligible Incentive: $6,120.00 + HST
kWh Reduction: 89,902.80 kWh