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Did you find the presentation informative?
Billing/Customer Service
On what topics would you like more customer education with regards to your bill?
Please list:
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If you do not use eBilling, what is the reason?
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What is your preferred method of communication when receiving information from us?
How would you like to receive notifications regarding Planned power outages that affect your service?
Would you find an outage map on Lakeland Power’s website highlighting all current outages beneficial?
Conservation Demand Management
How would you like to receive information regarding Conservation Demand Management programs?
Please specify if you are a business or residential customer
Would you like further information regarding the programs presented tonight?
If yes, please specify:
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If you are a business, would you benefit from program information training specific to completing Save on Energy applications?
If so, how would you like to receive the training
Lakeland Power are looking to design and submit pilot programs to the IESO specific to Lakelands service area. Would you be interested in taking part in future Conservation program discussions?
If yes, in what capacity?
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Lakeland Power spends summers months out in the community. Are there any specific events that you feel Lakeland Power should attend?
If so, please specify the event and reason why..
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How often do you think Lakeland Power should offer open houses, customer events?
Please let us know if you have any further comments or suggestions.
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